Could have been… US!


~ Prologue ~

Love comes naturally.

You can’t stop it when we start to feel it.

Sometimes, you’re not even aware of it happening until you somehow comes to start a realization that all this time those people around you saw all the signs when yourself couldn’t see them.

Sometimes, you can’t help but adore this annoying characteristic or trait that the person you love has no matter how much it might drive you up the wall.

Sometimes, you can’t see yourself with any other person to share your entire world and secrets and you only see it with the person who captured your heart without you even knowing it.

And sometimes, when you don’t expect anything from that person but you give more than you receive because you’d do anything to make them happy, because their happiness is your own happiness.

And what if…

Someone confess their love to you..

That someone you just met and known in a short period of time wants you to be his girlfriend.

Will you give him a chance and accept his love?

For me, Yes. Everyone deserves to have that chance..

I give him a chance to prove his love to me..

And as time passes by..

I learn to start to feel the same way..

And that moment when I love him as much as he loves me… I found out..

I’m not the person he loves. It’s her. He sees her in me.

~ Characters ~

Thea Rose Rizaldo

Thea Rose Rizaldo

Gian Carlo Ana

Gian Carlo Ana